If you listened to the "beautiful montreal people" who bemoan the demise of the Warshaw store from their glorious and precious Plateau Montreal trendy little excessive St-Laurent Boulevard you would think that the end of their navel-gazing world had come! Wake up! The best little undiscovered neighbourhood in Montreal is Saint-Henri and in case you haven't heard Warshaw is not dead but has been reborn in glorious Saint-Henri. That's right you high-rent-payin Plateau peeps there is more to Montreal than St. Lawrence boulevard.

When you decide to stay in Montreal and visit the old montreal area you will have a great time. This is truly a marvelopus vacation town if you can find a cozy place to curl up and sit on the grass! If you are looking for an appartment to rent in Montreal all I can say is that they are not hard to find if you know how to look!

With Warshaw moving in to our neighbourhood beside the Atwater Market it's proof that the people who know don't want nothing to do with the over-hyped high rent district of Montreal and we can only offer one bit of advice for you: Stay home and enjoy your overpriced, trendy, loud and overcrowded saint laurent sidewalk sale! PS: Look on a map to find saint-henri...it's just south of your pierced navel! We don't mind at all having visitors from Westmount drive down to our little paradise on the Lachine Canal just as long as they clean up after themselves!

BONUS: So far we've been lucky...there are no Montreal Mirror racks in the area! The Montreal Mirror is second only to McDonalds in litter production in our city! And it is also the literary equivelant of a quarter pounder!