A train pulling boxcars and brown cattle pens rattles over a long black bridge; the sun is getting low and everything is golden long shadow. She is with me now and is the most beautiful woman in the world with a tourqouise low cut dress, a glow in the dark plastic necklace and a tatooed shoulder; a rose. We are sitting on the cement canal lining watching the chugger chew chaw past a prison. There is a prison across the road beside the mucky canal. Police are patrolling the borders of chain link fence; inmates are playing a game of softball in a dusty field under the suns hot embers. The train howls and two inmates start sneaking towards the fence door which is mysteriously open. The police are more involved with a pop fly now hovering like a hummingbird over left field and fail to notice the two prisoners; they escape. They are coming rather close to us and this disturbs me. The police are now aware and jump into little grey cars and start sirens going like flies to a fresh pile. One of the prisoners runs into a parking lot and is surrounded by coppers. He looks suprisingly like me. The other prisoner looks like the woman; she has the same tatoo. She puts her arm around me just as the guards arrive and point their snub nose jobs at us all. I struggle to free myself from this cuckoo nest grip and the woman with me, the most beautiful woman in the world, beats her twin with heavy fists.

Finally the cops take control. They all drive back to the prison, the game is over, and the sun for some strange reason has decided not to go down any further and justs hangs, coughing in the dust. I turn around and there is a huge lioness/tiger leaping over the prison fence and gallops towards me and begins mauling me. Horror shoots injection through me and freezes me in mind flash: scars, handicaps, death. This huge toungue was scratching my face and I was tossed like a doll in the dirt, my small frame wrapped in tight power paws. I clench my white knuckle fingers around the beasts neck and start squeezing, harder and harder and my nails sink deeper into the warm flesh and fur. The neck crushed in as if I were squeezing a chicken; muscle spasms and hollow spaces filled with carlilidge and bone and pleghm. Suddenly it stops moving and it's body begins shrivelling like a baloon losing air, there was the same gasping wheeze and it sunk into the dirt like quicksand. Then, from somewhere, a ball landed at my feet; the sun began going down and the train whistle blew. From where I stood I could see my tatooed dream standing on the free side of the prison fence.



pores and living life swizzle stick together inside your little arm
the suicidal
there will always be fat smoking shoppers

the velvet fishbowl dream
a huge tongue was scratching my face and i was tossed like a doll in the dirt
synthetic morphine and the sound of wind and wheels and car crash sunset
the junkie's bombshell contract
suddenly you can feel the melt water turning to boil water

a breathing dark fear like something big at night under a bed


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David Milligan