would you want your friend be one of
we care about the arts...we really do...our products are NOT addictive...we care!
well they will be unless we can fund our artists

we buy artists and make them our bitches!the following artists recieved grant money
from Imperial Tobacco
cigarettes kill alot of people and make
many more sick each year
the tobacco industry is using these artists for their own cheap publicity
and attempting to legitimize the existence of cigarettes

matthieu brouillard - uqam
christine carson - york
malene charles - concordia
chris curreri - ryerson
stacy lawrence - concordia
mia donovan - concordia
john fiorucci - ryerson
anne-marie fortin - universite du quebec a chicoutimi
david lerech - york
hugh martin - ryerson
nadia myre - concordia
shannon pawliw - concordia
sheila pye -ocad
daryl reasin - ottawa
eva richardson - concordia
dana samuel - western ontario
melanie shatzky - concordia
fiona smith - concordia
fanie - st-michel - concordia
mackenzie p. stroh - concordia
kate terry - guelph
balint zsako- ryerson
PPS Danse - montreal

Artists are Cool! Smoking is Not!the tobacco industry targets children
and developing countries
tobacco companies hand out some of their huge profits
in the form of "grants"
seemingly good corporate citizens supporting artists and community groups
it's more more like cheap publicity by associating with arts and culture
attempting to legitimize their existence
Imperial Tobacco and their philanthropic partners are turning us into their pitchmen to push their dope
it's time to find a better way

quit smoking and use your own money to buy art supplies




But Honey...I wanna finish my project...please!!!!

One of the primary objectives of the tobacco industry is to frame tobacco use as an individual and behavioural decision.The problem with this casting is that it leaves the tobacco industry's activities and practices completely out of the equation. It assumes that people make decisions in a state of vacuum, completely uninfluenced by their environment including industry advertising, marketing, and cultural funding.

Tobacco advertising and use in the entertainment, arts and sports industry projects images of smokers as fun loving and glamorous and, most insidiously, healthy. Attractive images and people suggest that smoking is a powerful tool for enhancing self-image. The illusion helps the tobacco industry sell a product that kills.

The tobacco companies spend $6 billion a year enticing youth to smoke. They make you believe that if you smoke, you're going to be sexy, attractive, successful, accepted by your peers, rocking, and macho, cool and sassy. They project this image in every media – from day—time movies to night-time movies, magazines and even cartoon characters.

Mullah is Mullah!"I'll take cigarette money for the arts," Jann
Arden, an ex-smoker of five years, told the
National Post. "It's not the cigarette company that's going to kill me...It's my choice to go in
there and buy the cigarettes and inhale them"

Ummm...OK...sounds about right!

It's only an advert...sheesh!
oh dear...someone "seems" to be
supporting these crooked barons of skank

but the money goes to a good cause
...so maybe in the end it's all just A-OK!!
We really do Luv Jann!!

Cash is Cash!"I'll take Tootsie Tot Torpedo Company money for the arts," GiantWeed, who has never detonated a torpedo, told the National Bost. "It's not the Torpedo company that's going to kill me...It's a choice to go in
there and buy a Torpedo and blow the luvin' beejesus out of myself...or someone!"

You said it GW!

It's only an advert...sheesh!
oh my...the state of arts funding in this country is shocking!!
We just don't know anymore!

GW 05