How could anyone do anything else but acknowledge the vast differences between the rich and the poor when they are wiping their ass with a moistened sock? So yes NOW! It's about time and this time it must be for good; for the good of me and us all: I quit. No- one, like it or not, is separate from the rest so let's make it into something lucious and beautiful instead. I heard in a movie someone say that it was a sad and beautiful world. It won't be sad anymore, not now. I wake up in a gasping search for water, my mouth is as usual dry and sewerlike. I stumble into the water closet and woke up fast shrunk back at the horrible vision in the toothpaste splattered mirror. It was my own beat up face peering into the silvery looky looky glass. I was saddened to see that a lifestyle involving chemicals and poisons and other such popular status symbols had had such a noticeable impact on my bod. If this were to continue I would soon never be able to life my head out of the bed of sabotage and despair. That's all it's ever been actually. The days freshly constructed superstructure living quarter is tightly packed with fun fun dynamite and we spend hours and hours feeling better and better and then there is the fullfillment but then there must be a way to feel more better. So there is this wildly inviting oil fire calling the lemming song to us wee snow people and we dive in out of the chills and girl that feels goooood! But then you can feel the melt water turn to boil water

The crayola monsters rose up from a kindergarten desk top slithering wax writhing red tentacles reached up into baby face through the eyes where pumpkin colored cut-out kites and paper plate love letters for mom twirled glitterball magic Outside is the courtyard with the cement cracks filled with black putty and grass tufts and link fence with running shoes tied dangling laces. There are hopscotch chalk marks and the little leapers hop to and fro; laughing laughing and hopping about on their kitty pads, chasing sand birds, running and pouting and pushing fat fingers up into the hot yellow sun ball. Inside on the second floor there is napping and dreaming. Wee wee eyes see a new road, a turn, more road, a turn and then the sun dilates and a black drawbridge is hoisted up up and away. Bat things swirl backward drain spit on the body a lovesick ointemnt and then begin raging like free hair in an open convertible. Speeding cliffs, crashing breakwater, the power of the heart race crankshaft and the noise makes you feel very small like you are. It makes you afraid and slowly wipes out every thought and decibals climb and you try and stop it but it's too late. Careening oil slick hairpin catastrophe / burning wreck drop out. Now the comfort; the Latex Body Baggie. Crawl inside with your sex muscle and hop yourself over to the curb with the rest of humanity and the Glad Bag pile up. Hey! You have survived the accident stress test and have come out of the experience with only minor damage and no missing apendages or noticeable surface defects.

But you know it's there somewhere and this strangely can bring out hidden powers or the perception of hidden super power capabilities. Had you lost an arm or a leg or a knife blade had paint swiped on your cheek you would have been obviously obvious to those perfect people on the sunny sidewalk club.Yea... you were a tad more subtle and no-one was looking when you stole the car and drove hell bent with a head full of youth octane immortality drug and then after out-running the cops who shoot shoot gun at you you lose control and jump the curb and the car crashes up the stairs of the Holy United Church. Luckily the car doesn't explode but if it had it would have been a rather cool exit from this prarie cash world. The survival from this now becomes a metaphor for life, why not? You lost no limbs and right now have only minor brain damage and a lot of your gooey noggin stuff is undamaged and perhaps explorations of these new territories could lead to something good. The time is right, with the Famous Blue Raincoat hardcore lifeslyle song fading away into the hot fly buzz radio afternoon. This is the one time when you is off right off and isn't it just like trying to see what's really around you with all the lights off right off.


pores and living life swizzle stick together inside your little arm
the suicidal
there will always be fat smoking shoppers

the velvet fishbowl dream
a huge tongue was scratching my face and i was tossed like a doll in the dirt
synthetic morphine and the sound of wind and wheels and car crash sunset
the junkie's bombshell contract
suddenly you can feel the melt water turning to boil water

a breathing dark fear like something big at night under a bed


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David Milligan